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Tips to Living Healthy this Fall

Tips to Living Healthy this Fall

6 November 2017 / Category: News
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Tips to Living Healthy this FallFall is a great time of the year to give yourself a healthy boost! Though the days are a bit shorter and the nights a bit cooler, change is always in the air. Fall is the perfect season to make simple changes to improve your health in big ways.

Shift Your Schedule

Fall is often a busy time, for both parents and grandparents, with school activities in full swing for the children in the family. In addition, fall brings a start to the end of the year holidays making for an added measure of business and stress. Holiday shopping, school and sports activities, work, and the day to day care of home and family is not an easy task. Consider balancing work and home with a flexible work schedule. As flex-work schedules become more accepted, this may be exactly what you need to bring balance to your busy life.

Take a Vacation

Fall is the perfect time to plan a getaway with family or friends whether for a weekend or a week or a in celebration of a special holiday. Generally, vacation spots are less crowded, allowing everyone to relax and enjoy time away for everyday life’s stressors. If your schedule won’t allow a long weekend, consider planning day trips to meet up with old friends or rekindle connections – positivity will flow and you will be rejuvenated for the days ahead.

Amp Up Your Diet

There are a number of small changes you can make to improve your already healthy eating plan. There is no reason, your summer healthy eating has to go by the wayside when fall arrives as our ancestry kicks in giving us a tendency toward fatty foods. Adding fall’s fruits and vegetables can keep you happy and healthy all-season long. Add beans for a protein boost along with iron, fiber, and potassium. Apples, pumpkins, brussels sprouts, kale, and pomegranates are also fall favorites – each packed with its own measure of essential vitamins and nutrients.

Stay Active

In South Florida, as opposed to other regions of the country, fall gives you no excuses for ceasing your summer exercise routine. Regular workouts keep you moving and healthy, so even if there is a cold snap or a rainy day, you can still get your workout in – one way or another. Walking, great for burning calories, boosting your heart and lungs, and enhancing blood flow, is an easy option and only requires you and a great pair of shoes. Running is also a wonderful option, but always warm up before you begin. Of course, if you want to change it up a bit, there are lots of new routines you can try on the less-conventional side. Why not try ballroom dancing, salsa, a yoga class, a Pilates group, or a Tai Chi session? You might just find something completely different that you totally enjoy and make some new friends to boot!

Get the Sleep You Need

Everyone has unique sleep needs, making it important to find yours to achieve your optimal health. Most people need seven to eight hours, though some need as little as four hours and others require up to 10 hours.  You can begin by synchronizing your sleep schedule. Each morning, when you awaken, quickly subject your body to bright light for at least a half hour to wake your body and keep it alert all day long. At night, avoid bright lights a few hours prior to bedtime so you can fall asleep easily. In addition, the proper amount of sleep is immune boosting, helping you avoid colds and flu.

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