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Immigration Exams

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Urgent Medical Center offers an immigration medical exam by an approved civil surgeon of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. So, please come in for a free immigration medical exam consultation where our staff will go over your medical records and explain in detail what you are still required from the USCIS.

At Urgent Medical Center we have an approved civil surgeon by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services who performs all Immigration Exams. So, please come in for a Free Immigration Exam Consultation, where our physician will go over your medical records and explain in detail what you still require from USCIS. Please call us for a FREE Consultation:954-321-5191.

Services and Fees:

Immigration Physical Examination is $250 and includes:

  • Basic Physical Examination
  • Vaccination status verification
  • Tuberculosis skin testing

  • RPR (syphilis) lab test
  • Certified and Sealed I-693 form

  • Patient copy of I-693 form
  • Copy of all laboratory testing

Additional services that might be require such as Chest X-Ray, blood titers and vaccinations are not included in the above price, but they are offered and can be completed at our office for an additional fee.

Important Notes:

Make sure you bring:

  • Valid government issued picture ID (driver’s license or passport – preferred)
  • Proof of prior vaccinations

Tuberculosis Update:

  1. The Tuberculosis skin test (TST) is required for applicants age 2 and older. The applicant is required to return to the office 48-72 hours after administration for test reading. If the reading is greater than 5 mm of induration then a Chest X-ray will be required at an additional fee.
  2. We offer two ways for the Tuberculosis screening which is required for applicants age 2 and older:
    • Tuberculosis Skin Test (TST or PPD) – please note that if this test requires you to come back to the office within 48-72 hours to be read and if it comes out positive a Chest X-ray is required
    • T-Spot – this is a blood test usually performed on patients that have had the Tuberculosis vaccine.
  3. The RPR is required for applicants age 15 and older. However, applicants under age 15 may still require testing at the discretion of the civil surgeon.
  4. Applicants require proof of vaccinations. The civil surgeon will review your vaccination history to determine if any other vaccines are require and/or if you need any blood titers (laboratory tests that proves if a person has immunity or antibodies for a particular disease). Additional vaccinations and blood titers are offered at an additional fee.

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