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The Health Benefits of Daily Exercise

The Health Benefits of Daily Exercise

20 December 2017 / Category: News
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The Health Benefits of Daily ExerciseToday, everyone seems to be focused on healthier living. From diet to exercise, positive lifestyle choices are all the rage. Daily exercise is well known for its health benefits including muscle building, strength, and weight loss. What you may not know is daily exercise offers a number of other health benefits, so let’s get moving!

Lowered Risk for Disease

Daily exercise has proven, through a multitude of studies, to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Complications from diabetes and other diseases result in otherwise preventable health issues and even death. You can lower your risk of developing diabetes through regular exercise, which will, in turn, make your muscles more efficient in the absorption of glucose from your bloodstream. Research demonstrates even a little exercise is helpful for those at risk, while frequent exercise delivers even better results in the lowering the risk of the disease.

Better Sleep

Many adults find they have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. If you find yourself among them, daily exercise is the answer. A study by researchers at Northwestern University has shown that those who exercise during the day fall asleep faster and experience greater levels of restorative sleep. Exercise boost energy levels during the day, making you tired and able to fall asleep at night. In addition, exercise enhances hormone balance in your body.

Enhanced Memory

A recent study by scientists at Boston University’s School of Medicine proved a link between physical exercise and increased memory. It is theorized that the enhanced memory function is a result of hormonal reactions and increased circulation (and thereby increased oxygen and glucose) from daily exercise. The same study also showed increased blood flow from exercise improves problem solving skills and productivity.

Improved Mobility and Injury Prevention

Strains, sprains, and twists are a part of life and often come as a result of every day activities from lifting, bending, or just climbing stairs. The increased strength and improved mobility you get from daily exercise acts as a preventative against these everyday injuries. Exercise strengthens muscles and increases bone density, making back injuries, sprained ankles, and broken bones less likely.

Superior Emotional Health

The benefits of daily exercise are not just physical, but emotional as well. In numerous studies, exercise has been shown to enhance the release of endorphins (your brain’s hormones that produce euphoria). Runners often experience the runner’s high, but you can experience it as well, even if you don’t enjoy jogging, with sustained cardiovascular activity. In addition, further studies have proved daily exercise causes the growth of neural cells in the hippocampus region of the brain. This area, known to regulate moods, lessens anxiety and depression when growth occurs.

Meet New Friends – Boost Your Social Life

Daily activity can be a very social exercise. Think about all the new people you will meet on the court, at the gym, at the pool, in exercise class, on the track, on the biking trails, on the beach, or anywhere your daily exercise takes place. You already have something in common, making it easy to start up and carry on a conversation. On top of that, you’ll find your confidence increasing and given the fact you are exercising daily, you’ll have plenty to talk about at parties, events, or other social gatherings.

The benefits of exercise are many, helping you live a happier and healthier life. Remember, before beginning a new exercise program, consult with your doctor and make a safe and healthy plan to get you on your way.

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